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PTE Academic

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a computer-based test that cannot be taken on paper like the IELTS. However, like other English tests, it assesses the examinee’s ability to speak, listen, read and write in English. Your answers will be compared with thousands of other answers by the PTE and the artificial intelligence of #039; to assess your English skills and give you a score. The Global Scale of English (GSE) is used to grade the test, with points ranging from 10 to 90. one

Which countries accept PTE Academic?

It has been accepted by many universities, including the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Since the test is computerized and center based, its validity cannot be denied.

PTE Test Format:

The PTE can be divided into three parts: In the first part of the test, speaking and writing are assessed, and reading and listening are assessed independently. The first session lasts approximately 1 hour as it includes two skill assessments. The two connected sessions will last one more hour.

How To

How to Prepare for the test?

Before taking a practice test to measure your current skills, you must first decide what score you want. You can calculate the amount of work required to close the gap between your current skills and your target income. You should make a checklist, because having a strategy will make it easier for you to find the path you want to follow. If so, you need a coach to show you how to improve your weaknesses. Our expert staff helps students prepare for the PTE Academic exam.

Our course:

The duration of this course is 2 months, but the duration may vary depending on the students’ qualifications. In class, help students work on the test format. To prepare for the exam, taking a class from the EDEX Group of companies and working with an instructor can be very beneficial. You will have the opportunity to practice all four sections of the test in a safe environment during class and receive feedback on your performance. We also provide practice tests and sample test materials to help you understand the test format. In addition, we provide you with tips and techniques to help you take the exam to improve your chances of success.

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Classes are offered from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm for language test preparation and certification classes.


Edex students are periodically assessed throughout their training.


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