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We are your one stop shop for all your applications.

Edex Group has been the one-stop solution for your study abroad needs since 2016. We help students define and plan their study abroad dreams through personalized advice. Edex aims to provide each student with the right information and guidance to help them make informed decisions. We offer opportunities to study at some of the leading and comprehensive universities in Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA and Sweden. Our team wants to help you today so you can succeed tomorrow. Welcome to Edex, where you can unleash your true potential.

Overseas Education Consultants For Top Listed UK Universities

Why Choose EDEX Group?

Our quality of service is unmatched and we stand out from our competition. Unlike other consulting firms in Pakistan, we take our students very seriously. We strive to provide students with the best guidance and solutions they can. Our experienced consultants and highly trained compliance team will always assist with your application. We understand that college applications involve complex application processes and many advisors to choose from, so tell us why you chose Edex.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experience - that's the key! With more than five years of experience in educational consulting, the EDEX Group of Companies has built a history of success and growth unprecedented among small consulting firms. Our commitment and hard work has allowed us to generate the positive feedback we have achieved. We have a team of skilled workers you can trust. We provide accurate, reliable and up-to-date information. There are many pitfalls to avoid, important decisions to make, and systems to navigate. Our experts will provide you with the best advice for your trip abroad.


The characteristics of easy to understand, understand or understand is what defines Edex! Our service is our promise to you, and we deliver what we promise. We don't follow the impossible or make false promises. We are still alive. We are true to our word and are responsible and honest. Edex maintains transparency (openness, communication and accountability) in all aspects of its transactions. We work hard to ensure that students and families have a complete picture of admissions and an understanding of all admissions procedures, visa applications and the program prior to departure.


We look at history in a different way! We are very clinical in our approach to solving your problem and stay focused until the right solution is found. We strive to understand your individual needs and provide you with the specific services you need. We will always be in touch to answer your questions. At Edex, we strive to provide personalized and comprehensive attention to each student in a positive way.

Global Partners

Our excellent network with universities helps us to offer the best service to our students. We provide end-to-end services from the application process to the visa process with expert staff to help you crack entry-level exams like IELTS, PTE, LanguageCert and more. It is your one stop shop for your education abroad. We work closely with students and institutions to ensure they receive the most appropriate guidance. Our goal is to ensure that students receive the right instruction, which means that through our extensive academic knowledge and excellent relationships with colleges/universities, we provide students with the best possible opportunity. .

Astute Team

Wisdom, advice you can trust! Our visa application and university admission success rates are among the highest in the industry. So you can be sure that our qualified and professionally trained consultants and processing team will make the entire application process easy. We provide accurate and error-free assistance with immigration and visa applications. When we do a job, we do it on time and with due diligence. Our goal is to achieve a 100% success rate.

Ever Lasting Accord

Long-term health is our signature! At Edex, we are committed to providing the best information in education. To us, you are not just a number. You are an individual in our care. We hope our stories inspire and motivate you and help you reach your full potential. We also guide you through your studies from start to finish, looking after you and helping you plan your future career.

EDEX GROUP Major Activities

  • Student Consultancy from Pakistan & UAE
  • Human Resources/ Recruitment Agency for the Middle East & Europe
  • GLOBAL Services for IT and Digital Marketing
  • VISA Services are from Pakistan, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Head office Website: www.edexgroup.uk


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